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Pay For Someone Else's Portrait

Why? In 2022 it was found that over 20% of people with disabilities live below the poverty line. With hefty medical bills and expensive equipment, additional costs are often out of the question. However, art is transformative and can be a powerfully therapeutic way to process. (See Testimonials page for more info) Because these portraits take a lot of time and money to produce it is often outside of most people's budgets to commission a portrait of them or their loved one. I try to get as many grants as possible to allow me to work with people for free, but generous donations from people like you could make this even more possible. Every time I reach $500 in donations I will work with someone for free. 

How? You can send Venmo payments to @kiri_bolles . Mark as a gift and title "For Someone Special" and your donation will go towards the $500 goal. Every dollar helps!

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