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Emma; she/they; Mastocytosis, Damage from Cesarean Section

A rare excess of mast cells in the body is referred to as Mastocytosis. There are many different types of this illness, each with different symptoms. They can range from mild to severe. It's believed that less than 50,ooo people in the US suffer from this condition. 

A Cesarean Section (C-section) is the most common surgery in the world and is performed on a pregnant person as an alternative to vaginal birth. Like many surgeries, because a C-section cuts through the abdominal muscles there many risks, including nerve damage, increased risk with subsequent pregnancies, etc. 

After dealing with mastocytosis for many years, this subject began trying to start a family. Complications in utero lead to a miscarriage. Becoming pregnant again after one successful birth, an emergency C-section was preformed with a large cut that went all the way to her hip. This lead to nerve damage, chronic pain, difficulty walking etc. She pictured this as a need for support and being held up and together - depicted here with the scaffolding. The broken, rotting wood signifies the continued struggle she faces with these symptoms.

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