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T'u; he/she/they; Chronic Pain and Nerve Damage from Moped Accident

Nerve damage resulting from surgery is known as surgical neuropathy. This condition can manifest in various forms, with symptoms ranging from mild tingling or numbness to severe, chronic pain or complete loss of sensation. Surgical neuropathy occurs when nerves are inadvertently injured during surgical procedures, which can disrupt their ability to transmit signals effectively. It is estimated that thousands of individuals in the U.S. experience some degree of nerve damage following surgery each year. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial for managing symptoms and improving quality of life for those affected.

After a major moped accident, this subject underwent surgeries that left them with chronic nerve pain. This idea for their portrait came from their description of the surgeries and that their body was literally torn into and sewed back up - we decided to use this to portray all their surgery points and physically sew the areas back up poorly to allude to the chronic pain they've been left with as a result. This piece is 3-D.

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